Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ajisen Ramen

With Thursdays being late night shopping in Sydney, restaurants are usually busy and have long wait times.  We decided on Ajisen Ramen near Chinatown and unfortunately ended up waiting almost 15 minutes for our order to be taken and then another 15 for the food to arrive.  

The waitress recommended the Ajisen Ramen as the specialty. The noodles were straight and a little on the hard side, similar to al dente spaghetti.  They were not cooked enough to my liking and the heat of the soup was not enough to finish them off.  The redeeming element was the broth which was rich, flavorful, and garnished with spring onions, half an egg, and wood ear mushrooms. 

Ajisen Ramen $8.75

The price was reasonable with the speciality costing $8.75 but the service was pretty bad.  

Food: 4

Place: 2


85 Liverpool St 
SydneyNSW 2000

02 9267 8816

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